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15 May 2008 @ 12:44 am
Spike/Buffy VIP Quotes (Part 2)  
--> Continued from here.


We have a lead in Sarah who does not screw around. She's a gracious, wonderful person, but at the same time, she doesn't want to hold the role to fix her hair... or to get her Evian water. She wants to sit in her chair, get her lines done, and get it done well. She sets the tone. -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

Love scenes are really kinda problematic for actors because we have girlfriends and your partner has a relationship as well. So, I can joke on about how, "Hey, this is Sarah, this is gonna be cool", but she has a fiance who will kick my ass! I mean, if someone talked about my fiancee that way...! With all respect to Fred... it was just another day! (innocent look on face) -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

I like to keep myself in the dark at this point. I don't want to know what's coming up because Spike doesn't know. Like, I don't know if Buffy and Spike are going to get together. That's something I haven't even asked anybody. I don't wanna know, because I'm afraid they'll tell me. Spike doesn't know. He thinks he doesn't have a chance in hell, actually, but he's still going to try. ... So, yeah, I'm in the dark, too, but I'm just hoping that Buffy comes back. "Sarah, have you had enough time off yet? I think the audience would like to see your pretty self." -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

What's going on with the chip in the head?
I don't know! I would rather see Spike decide whether or not to be evil. I'd rather that be an internal conflict rather than something that's decided externally by a machine. I think that, frankly, now that Spike is in love with Buffy, he wants to get in Buffy. He's not going to do anything to piss her off! Everyone who she loves immediately becomes very important to him. So, I don't think we need the chip anymore. But, what happens when he falls out of love with Buffy? What happens if Buffy spurns him? That's the thing about the whole love interest - it can catapult him into great acts of heroism or evil. Any way you want, love is the tempest. -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

I think it's good to have Spike and Dawn together, because it shows Spike's mindset. Which is that anyone who Buffy loves is very important. So, he will protect anyone Buffy loves. Don't hurt Buffy. Don't hurt anyone that's important to her. Keep them safe. -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

Is Spike now as selfless as Buffy?
Ummmm... well, I mean, yeah. No, not selfless, just... horny. Did I contradict myself? Oh, was I not supposed to do that? No... uh... yeah.
He's selfless without knowing that he is?
Oh, man, you know how it goes. Your girlfriend says she doesn't like those shoes. What happens to those shoes? They are eighty-sixed, man. My present girlfriend told me once she didn't like my white tennis shoes. They were gone, you know, without even thinking about it. You just try to get an in. He's in love with a good person, and that's gotta rub off somehow. He was in love with Dru, and she's not good.
Dru wanted a monster. Buffy wants a man?
Yeah. But the question is will he ever get to a point where, where... She's out of his league, man. Why would she mess with him? He's some toady, evil guy. In the world of Sunnydale, he's, you know, "ick". He needs to be staked.
He tries harder?
Yeah. He tries harder. He becomes honorable. He has to find honor. Or, she will never touch him with a 10-foot pole, if he doesn't have honor.
He found it in "The Gift"?
He's starting to. He's started to. I mean, he's... hopefully being in contact with that much good will rub off on him and show him that it's better to be that way. -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

I loved the scenes with Buffy [in "Fool for Love"]. Such a complex relationship between those two characters. -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

What I didn't realize what they were trying to do is make Spike an underdog. They are trying to make him into someone you can root for and get behind. That's a far piece from where we started. In "School Hard", it wasn't like "Oh, I hope he gets the girl." -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

A Spike doll - look what he's doing to Buffy. I have Spike and I have Buffy in my trailer, and they do things they've never done before. Totally kidding, Fred. -- James Marsters (GenCon, 8-01)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is really short - does that make any kissing or fighting scenes difficult?
No. Not at all. It's just that she makes me look tall... which, you know, I love that! When she was paired opposite Angel and Riley, she had to stand on an apple box to kiss. -- James Marsters (Big Hit, 8-01)

That is what I like best about what happened last year about him discovering he was in love with Buffy. Is that it could motivate him almost anywhere - to acts of heroism or great evil. Whether or not she dies. If she spurns him, he could try even harder to be the kind of man that would deserve her. Because right now he's not. Or he could just say "screw it" and just have a killing spree, you know, find out how to do it. The fact that she's dead. In my own mind, I killed her. This is not Spike speaking. Just as a fan. I failed up there completely. I was supposed to protect her and Dawn. and I absolutely failed. I got my ass kicked, with not much problem. So I don't think Spike's going to be a very happy puppy for a while. -- James Marsters (Zap2It, 10-01)

So now, while I'm still chipped, I'm getting to fight demons and have fun with the violence, and I'm also back in love with a girl, which lets me explore that gentlemanly side that really hasn't been explored for about a year and a half. So, in a weird kind of way, I feel like I'm getting back to the original Spike. -- James Marsters (TV Zone, 11-01)

I've never played a character for this long. I'm used to doing stage, where you live with a character for a maximum of about four months. After five years, there really is a space somewhere in my soul where Spike and Buffy really do live. There really is a Sunnydale inside me somewhere. So when Buffy really was dead and I really was Spike it wasn't hard at all to break down. It was crushing. That's the weird thing about acting, man. We're not insane, but we're paid to use our imaginations as fully as we can. So somewhere down inside my heart there is a Spike and a Buffy and he's very much hoping that he'll get a little bit more time with Buffy. -- James Marsters (TV Zone, 11-01)

The writers devised a way to get the characters of Spike and Buffy together, because there was a lot of call to get them together. -- James Marsters (Season 5 Overview)

It's a great way to show that there's been a systemic change in Spike. Dawn is the tastiest tidbit you can imagine, but now, he would never touch her, he would never even think of scratching Dawn, because she is a loved of Buffy. -- James Marsters

We work well together, because, frankly, we both always know our lines really well, and that makes for spontaneity. Sarah is amazingly quick with lines. She makes me... she makes me embarrassed. Because I used to be the quickest study that I ever knew... (laughs) ...and I met her, and she just puts me to shame. I hate that. -- James Marsters (E!)

The first time Spike saw Buffy, the character, he was hunting her, which has a very sexual undertone, and I played that very heavily. It's kind of the same thing, some man hunting a woman in a bar, looking at her dancing, walking across the bar, just noticing her... it's both sexual and violent, and I played that. And so there's been that undertone the whole time. And I haven't told the producers that... I'm actually telling them now. (laughs) -- James Marsters (E!)

You've been on the show now for four seasons and you've obviously developed hugely through that time - but the show itself has changed a great deal, what with David, Alexis and Charisma leaving and then with Amber coming in, Emma coming in and Michelle how has the dynamic in the cast changed over the last four years?
I don't think it's changed really... as a working environment, you mean? Not really. Sarah sets the tone of the set pretty much. That's one of the great things about the show (for me working on it), is that Sarah; beyond being an incredibly gifted actor - who I think is also completely underrated - she is a consummate professional. She, if she is having a broken heart and horrible day, if her great grandmother just died, if she just had a fight with her boyfriend, you'd never know it, unless you're a very good friend - like me, and you talk about it later. She always shows up on set with her lines, completely down, to the point where she cannot say them wrong. She's always on time, she's always pleasant and she's always looking after some of the people who have less power than she does and making sure they're treated with respect as well. So that has been my experience from day one on Buffy and that has not changed at all. -- James Marsters (Mediatainment)

...he probably fell in love with Buffy when he first saw her, but didn't admit it to himself because he was already in love with Dru... -- James Marsters (2002)

(on whether Spike and Buffy really love each other) Well, for Buffy that's the primary question. I think that for Spike it's love. It's different for each of them, I think. I think for Spike it really is love. I don't think anything but real love would keep him from trying to kill people... he really is in love with Buffy. From Buffy's standpoint, I don't know. I mean, she's on the ropes. She's very vulnerable, but the sex is really good. -- James Marsters (Dreamwatch, 2002)

He's in love with Buffy and that is what keeps him in line - that people who are important to her are important to him. Her agenda is important... Well, it's a big love. -- James Marsters (Dreamwatch, 2002)

I think he's deeply in love with Buffy, but that's what I think in my little universe. -- James Marsters (Cinescape, 3-02)

The hardest thing for me was lip-synching. I was not that bad, but it just meant extra takes. Some people were good at lip-synching and some people weren't. I was medium. Sarah, of course, was perfect. She's perfect at everything. She buried everybody. God, it makes me crazy. -- James Marsters (Cinescape, 3-02)

Sarah is a machine. Sarah doesn't know this, but she's actually a Method actor. She is the biggest combination of Method acting but also with the proficiency of the other side that I've ever seen. -- James Marsters (SFX Event, 6-02)

Sarah Michelle Gellar rocks. She's a total pleasure to work with. I can't say enough about her. She's easily half the reason that the job's so much fun. -- James Marsters (Dreamwatch, 6-02)

Who do you like better: Spike the badass or Spike the sweetheart?
Kissing Sarah... hitting Sarah. Whew... see, I think he is the same character. -- James Marsters (Shoreleave, 7-02)

Whose performance besides yours in the musical was the best?
Oh man, Sarah. She had to whip out dance moves at the end, she had a lot of songs to do. I just think she was incredibly brave. You all don't know her like I do. She's got a big work ethic, but at the same time, she likes control and she had to give up a lot of control to do that. If she hadn't stepped up and hit it, we wouldn't be talking about what a great show the musical was because it was on her shoulders. So everybody was like, "I hope Sarah can do it. She's been working..." and she pulled it out, man. She really did. ... The other cast members were really asked to do something that they were not prepared to do and to their credit, even though they were terrified, they really bored down and studied, and no-one more than Sarah. -- James Marsters (Shoreleave, 7-02)

At the end of the day when you go home, do you ever have trouble letting go of a certain scene?
Yeah, all the time. All the time. I think I'm going crazy sometimes. Pretty much all the stuff with Buffy. That's the stuff that cuts the closest. -- James Marsters (Shoreleave, 7-02)

But basically, once you know the parameters of the world, you can improvise and you cannot make a mistake, because you're in the world. So, as sick as it sounds, in my head there's a little Sunnydale, and (in a funny voice) a little Buffy and a little Spike. And Spike loves Buffy. -- James Marsters (Shoreleave, 7-02)

The thing is that Spike has been used in different ways. He's had different jobs on the show - as disposable villain, hapless wreck for comedic purposes, wacky neighbour by design, and then love interest. It was apparently when Joss saw Spike being quite humbled and pitiful and human that he finally saw something in the character that he thought was sustainable. I had asked him to give me two weeks' notice before he takes my shirt off, just to give me some time to pump up. It's your product, you want to make it ready. And Joss got this weird look on his face and called me over to the side of the sound stage and said, "Get ready, dude, 'cause you're going to go for Buffy next year". -- James Marsters (Washington Post, 8-02)

He'd probably willingly die for her. He'd be okay with that. -- James Marsters (Buffy Magazine, 11-02)

...I'd stand there with this sock hiding things waiting to shoot the scene and Sarah would come over and tug at the sock. -- James Marsters

Who's sexier - Sarah Michelle Gellar or Alyson Hannigan?
It's like different flavours of ice-cream, everyone has their favourite and I really like blondes! I've actually had dreams about Sarah - sorry Freddie! -- James Marsters (Bliss Magazine, 2003)

[His love for Buffy is] unquenchable. -- James Marsters (New York Times, 1-03)

If you could write an episode for Spike, what would happen?
I'd like to see him regain his sense of joy in something more fruitful than killing people. I've always envisioned him giving Buffy a garden that he could never go to in the daytime, to give her something alive for a change. -- James Marsters (New York Times, 1-03)

As previously reported, Faith will be turning up in both LA and Sunnydale in Season 7. So will this lead to a crossover between the two shows and any of the main characters? James emphatically channels Spike's response to the idea of Buffy and Angel reuniting: "No. No. No!" (Buffy Magazine, 1-03)

[Sarah and I] tease each other mercilessly but we're really close. -- James Marsters (SciFi Summit, 3-03)

[Buffy and Spike] had that thing happen and he went to redeem himself and they realized that the Buffy and Spike thing had become so... complicated, and twisted. At the end they're just going to open it up (flicks his wrist, opens his hand and makes a popping noise with his lips) and make it beautiful. -- James Marsters (SciFi Summit, 3-03)

(on Spike/Buffy in Chosen) We're talking about something larger than sex, but it doesn't preclude sex. I don't want to spill the beans. -- James Marsters (E!Online, 3-03)

In a perfect world, would Spike end up with Drusilla or Buffy?
Drusilla left him for a mucus demon, so definitely Buffy! -- James Marsters (E! Online, 4-03)

James Marsters: Sarah was miserable in that hat. She hated that chicken hat. She thought it made her look stupid.
Audience Member: Well, it did.
James Marsters: I know, but also never more adorable. I thought she was never more beautiful than when she was... I mean, she had just died for the world and she's just... (mimics putting on the hat) -- James Marsters (Cleveland TableTalk, 4-03)

In order to stay true to the psychology of Buffy as a girl who gives up her life to save people, it had to be very hard for her to be with Spike, who is evil. The show's creators make money by not giving you guys what you want. That, is that thing called sweet frustration. -- James Marsters (Sci-Fi Summit, 5-03)

Is there ever a time when Spike just wants to quit trying to be good and just want to kill Buffy?
Yes (emphatically stated). But that's love, you know. Sometimes I don't know what human beings... if it really means that men and women are really supposed to make each other happy, or are we just supposed to make each other strong... I don't know. -- James Marsters (Chicago Convention, 5-03)

The only thing I can say about the finale is that it's going to be really bloody and really romantic, and heartbreaking - we hope. We hope to break your hearts. -- James Marsters (TV Zone, 5-03)

The end of the season will be very romantic, and that's all I can say. For my character and for Buffy. The Buffy-Spike thing is going to end very romantically and very dramatically. -- James Marsters

Then there was the idea to team Buffy and Spike, and that started in Season 5 and really culminated in Season 6. I had the idea that Spike should fall in love with Buffy because I thought, in my head, the chip was maybe not the strongest choice. I thought it'd be more interesting if he had a real psychological reason to want to reform, to watch the guy have to choose to be good and how frustrating that could be. I never thought Buffy should reciprocate. I just thought she should torture him the whole time, and I expressed that to Joss. He kind of winked and said, "Well, you know, I'm writing the show and I have something a little more interesting than that". So, then he became the heartfelt love interest. -- James Marsters (Dreamwatch, 6-03)

The audience might want me to be redeemed, Joss might want me to be redeemed, and I might want the character to be redeemed, but once you try to do that in an hour-long weekly drama and the backstory is that he has murdered people for hundreds of years, it becomes a little dicey. That's exactly what Joss does best. He does the impossible, and he does the thing that other writers say, "No, well, you can't really do that." Striving for that emotional resonance is really what artists are about, and we shouldn't really shy away from it. I think that redeeming Spike is something that people in their hearts have wanted for a long time. I've seen a lot of T-shirts around that say, "Love, Redemption, Spike." Spike's love of Buffy sent him on this journey to get his soul back. -- James Marsters (Dreamwatch, 6-03)

What do you hope fans will make of the finale?
I hope it was really romantic and heartbreaking. -- James Marsters (SFX, 7-03)

There are very, very few people Spike connects with, actually. His connection with Buffy is one of the reasons he was so attracted to her. -- James Marsters (Angel Magazine, 12-03)

Was Spike's sacrifice more for Buffy or for bigger, noble reasons?
Oh for Buffy. Definitely for Buffy. They thought the amulet was going to help but they really had no idea what it was going to do. He went in there willing to die to back Buffy up. I don't know if he cares about saving the world. You know, Buffy? Yeah. Save her. She's cute. -- James Marsters (Angel Magazine, 12-03)

(on the Spike merchandise) But you don't have any of this stuff at home?
No! No... I don't even know what... (spots photos of the "Once More, With Feeling" Spike/Buffy kiss) Ooh, kissing Sarah again... (shudders and quickly turns the photo over) Nooo, nooo. -- James Marsters (Sharon Osborne, 4-04)

My first kiss with Sarah, we did like 15 takes. She was really patient, but I didn't get it by the way. (laughs) That was a good day, though. -- James Marsters (Australia, 7-04)

You know, I could go all special effects and stuff, but as far as the larger arc, I have never been good about guessing where Spike is going in larger arcs. Every time I thought I had an interesting idea... with the exception of Spike falling in love with Buffy - (emphatically) that was mine, that was my idea before Joss got it. (audience cheers) I didn't really tell him about it because I knew he wasn't going to listen to me. But - and he then thought of it himself - but yeah, he told me about it. I was like, I jumped at him because he was like, "And Spike's gonna fall in love with... Buffy!" -- James Marsters (Oakland, 8-04)

If you could choose between being a human, living once, and a vampire living through many generations and seeing many things, which would you choose and why?
Human, definitely. I remember - God this is so powerful, I'm gonna cry. See, here's the actor's secret. What Spike wanted to do with Buffy when he was in love with her? He wanted to give her a garden, a rose garden... (pauses and paces a minute, takes a drink of water) (voice shaking) ...because that was alive. -- James Marsters (Halloween UK Event, 10-04)

If most of those people lived or died he mostly didn't care - it was just Buffy and her sister. -- James Marsters (Angel Magazine, 8-05)

- James Marsters said that at one point he'd asked Joss Whedon if subconsciously he'd written the Buffy/Riley relationship in such a way that it left things really open for Spike. Joss replied in a very sarcastic tone that maybe he had "unconciously".
- Jane Espenson said that for years she had a notecard on her desk that said "Buffy has sex dreams about Spike", which she wanted to point out to people when Joss did decide to put Spike and Buffy together.
- James said he was ahead on that one, too, and had just spoken to David Fury about this as he hadn't liked the chip; he wanted to see the character choose to try to be good instead. If they kept Spike a villain he became ineffective, but if he tried to be good and failed it was more interesting, and Spike falling in love with Buffy did that. Though in his mind Spike would fail and go back to being evil. Jane said the chip was needed to keep Spike on a leash for a while so people would buy Buffy having a relationship with him in the first place. James never thought that Buffy would get into a relationship with Spike. Jane talked about how important it was to get both characters to that place where it could work. (Fan Report, The Harsh Light of Day Commentary held at James Marsters and Friends, conducted by James Marsters, Jane Espenson and Mercedes McNab, 9-06)

(on whether Spike and Buffy would have worked out) Yeah... yeah... I think blowing it like he did sent him off to find his soul, and I think that ultimately they would have worked it out ... -- James Marsters (Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, 4-07)

You don't ask anybody to hold character like that for seven years. But I was... I did it for six and you know once you've lived there long enough they say "action" and you're basically back there again anyway. But yeah, in my mind there really was a little town and a little Buffy and a little Spike who loved Buffy and it was kind of cute when it was small. -- James Marsters (Collectormania, 5-07)

I got to grope Sarah and they paid me for it, man! -- James Marsters (DragonCon, 9-07)

(on the "I Touch Myself" Spike/Buffy music video) Hello! That was a nasty piece of work, I was back there blushing. Did I do that? Whoa! -- James Marsters (Comicon, 4-08)

How much money would it take to [get James Marsters to] dye his hair? "As soon as Sarah comes back from Africa." -- James Marsters (Fan Report, Borderline, 5-08)

You get to a point where you have a sect of fandom who'd like Buffy and Spike to end up together as a happy couple. What did you think about that?
James Marsters: I think it's possible. And I can understand that... I think I played a good love with Sarah. (laughs) We did some good scenes together and I think we both understood what the deal was. I think that is definitely possible, although by the time Spike is mature enough for her, I wonder how old she would be. By the time he's finally ready to be a full on good boyfriend...
(laughs) He'll show up on her doorstep when she's 90.
James Marsters: Yeah, exactly. (British accent) "I'm ready! I'm finally ready! I've figured it out, Buffy! I'm a man. I'm finally a man." -- James Marsters (IGN, 3-09)

What do you think of Joss Whedon's comment that "Buffy was in love with Spike the moment their hands clasped" in the finale?
Yeah, I believe that. Only then was he a true hero, only then did he truly sacrifice himself for other people and only then did he truly deserve her. -- James Marsters (JM.com Q&A, 3-10)

When did you find out that you were going to be into Buffy?
Oh, okay, so I told Joss, if you wanna make me naked, just give me a few months' notice. He's just "Okay. Next season, you and Buffy are gonna start bumpin'." And I go, "Fabulous idea! I've been thinking the same thing, Joss! My character should fall in love with Buffy. But of course, Buffy never reciprocates... right?" And he goes "Weeeeeeeelllllll..." And at that point I was just completely confused. Because I thought... I hated the chip, right? I thought that was a weak choice. I thought it would be much more interesting to watch Spike try to be good to impress Buffy and fail, miserably, every time, in a comedic way. And you can play that out for eight years! He's in love with her, he's trying to be a good guy, and it's funny. But the whole thing is predicated on the idea that she never notices, at all. And I was confused that she would ever give me the time of day. I was like, "Joss, what? I don't deserve her! What, d'you think -- remember the whole thing about the theme, Joss?" So yeah. Just disbelief. You know Joss. And then I realized, you know, he wrote a musical, so he really is crazy. What does Joss do? Anything he wants! -- James Marsters (New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con, 1-11)

Who was the best kisser on the show?
I think I got to kiss everybody, including Angel. Jeez. I would think Sarah. She's got very soft lips, and she was very patient. My first time, I kissed her, I think we had about 18 takes, because I kept feeling it, and trying to act it, and she kept saying, "No, we're mushing faces, do it like it's a perfume commercial, you've just gotta barely touch and that's it." -- James Marsters (True Buff, 2011)

Actually, ya know, Joss is still writing comic books, they're doing Season 10 now. I think anybody interested in the Spike/Buffy relationship should probably check out those comic books, because I think it's gonna get very interesting between the two of those characters. -- James Marsters (Capital Public Radio, 2014)

After a well-reviewed theater career in Chicago and Seattle, Mr. Marsters arrived in Los Angeles in 1997 "willing to sell out, happily". Being cast in Buffy was "wonderful irony", he said. "I get more acting jollies from the show than I did from any full season of theater. The writing is not safe. That's the best thing about it. It can be horrifying, but in the most exhilarating way."
Viewers saw proof of that in the haunting final scene of this season's best episode to date, "Beneath You", in which Spike revealed his soul to Buffy in an empty, moonlit church. Mr. Marsters gave Spike's madness and despair a moving, shattered dignity. There was something Shakespearean in his readings of lines like "Why does a man do what he mustn't but for her; to be hers", delivered in half-darkness, and in the devastating last shot: Spike striking a martyr's pose - draped around a large cross, bare back to the camera, flesh smoldering - for a love that Mr. Marsters calls "unquenchable". -- Joyce Millman, New York Times Writer ("A Vampire With Soul, and Cheekbones", 1-03)

She's been emotionally frozen for the past couple of seasons, unable to drop her guard and let love (her adoring former sex partner Spike) in. -- Joyce Millman, New York Times Writer

Spike's devotion to Buffy and her mission has set him on a path to redemption; he endured torture to win back his soul for her, then suffered at the hands of the First Evil. But Buffy has yet to tell him she loves him. -- Joyce Millman, New York Times Writer

I want to see Buffy beat on everyone and everything in sight, save the world again and still find the time to finally admit her feelings for poor Spike. -- Joyce Millman, New York Times Writer


(on "Smashed") Lots of discussion of how we could get Buffy and Spike to the next phase of their relationship. We had talked about lots of realistic ways it could happen, and Joss was like, "It just has to be epic, it can't be a little thing". -- Marti Noxon (SFX Vampire Special, 1-02)

I do think Buffy and Spike have feelings for each other, but I think they're trying to hide from all that. -- Marti Noxon (Buffy Magazine, 9-02)

He sort of represents Buffy's other side. He's her id. He's hang dog because he loves Buffy, and he's not been getting his way. But in some ways I think he's the most powerful. And he's constantly struggling with his nature, which is also a part of Buffy's character arc. So, to me, he is heroic in the Buffy universe, because he's right there representing what the show's about, which is the struggle to be a hero and the other part of you that wants to drag ya on down into the abyss. -- Marti Noxon (Metro, 9-02)

(on "After Life") We thought it was interesting that Spike would be the one she could tell the truth to. What we were suggesting there was that she knows how much it would hurt everyone else, and she still doesn't know how much he cares and how much it will affect him that she's in so much pain. In a way, to her, he's like a neutral party. He won't judge it, he'll just listen. -- Marti Noxon

(on "Life Serial") I loved the Buffy/Spike poker game where the demons are playing for kittens. -- Marti Noxon

(on "Once More, With Feeling") It wasn't going to be a standalone; we wanted it to serve a dramatic purpose. And it gets so emotional. The stuff with Spike at the end just kills me. It's so beautiful. Joss is a frighteningly talented guy. -- Marti Noxon

I loved the whole Spike-Buffy thing and the whole Willow thing. Those two storylines really worked for me. I don't know how we could have done another, "Here comes the Big Bad" without repeating ourselves. We'd done it so many times and very successfully. I felt that we had to shake it up, and that was probably what was going on. Joss wanted to try some new stuff and we were all up for it. -- Marti Noxon

More recently, I think the Buffy/Spike relationship has definitely been challenging to write. Some moments of that have been very dark and sexy and felt quite real, in particular, the aftermath of their first sexual encounter. I had a good time with that one. -- Marti Noxon

I've always joked around that he became attracted to Buffy because she could hit him the hardest, that he liked to be abused. Then we discovered that there was a real heart to that storyline, and they had a real chemistry together. ... And as we watched, eventually we found that Spike was a real romantic foil for Buffy. -- Marti Noxon

This was the beginning of the most divisive story we've ever had, which was Buffy and Spike boning. Really, I've never seen such a strong reaction on both sides. People either love it or hate it. To this day, people either truly believe that Spike is completely redeemed and should be treated a lot better, or they truly believe that Buffy is a fool for trusting someone who's been evil and how can she be so unheroic as to allow herself to be caught up in this really sordid romance? So you get the total Buffy/Spike shippers or you get the attitude, "I just don't respect Buffy any more." It's fascinating to see. The thing I keep saying is that it's not black and white. I'd love it to be, but it's not. To me, this is much more real. If these two crazy kids can make it work, it will be a lot more interesting than a kind of perfect romance with obstacles thrown in. To me, this is real life; this is people making their own problems. If they can get it together, that would be amazing. But it was never going to be easy. That's why Spike did something radical at the end of the year. Joss came up with the idea of the house coming down around them while they made love. It was perfect, because we needed something catastrophic to go along with this huge dangerous union. -- Marti Noxon

We've seen so much response to the relationship Buffy had with Spike and [the dark magic] with Willow, I don't know if we stopped to think these storylines would be going on at the same time. -- Marti Noxon (Buffy Magazine, 1-03)

Over the past couple of seasons, Buffy's romantic interest has been Spike, this bad guy who may or may not be bad anymore. The attraction is complicated. And it seems like a lot of things have gone into confusing, grey areas. It's actually been less confusing this season [Season 7]. -- Marti Noxon (Buffy Magazine, 7-03)

I think when we saw him die at the end of the series, he was transcending, y'know, he had really given in to the best part of himself, and that was because he really loved her. -- Marti Noxon (Chosen DVD Collection Bonus Disk)


Nick Marck, the director on this episode, did a great job, stylistically, with a lot of these scenes, one of them being this here in the Bronze, and how [he has the] camera moving around and gliding around Buffy and Spike. And you know, it's getting a little sexy between these two, which is a fun thing, and I think that the way Nick directed it really captures that. -- Douglas Petrie ("Fool for Love" Commentary)

This is a late addition in the script, with Spike trying to kiss her. (laughs) She just can't believe it, and now he's all embarrassed, and it takes yet another turn, you know? There's not a lot that we don't get into in this episode. And what's fun is that it's really just about these two. It's really just these two characters. -- Douglas Petrie ("Fool for Love" Commentary)

We always wondered what happened to Spike and Dru after they split from Sunnydale, and here we see the ugly break-up. And something I'm noticing just watching it now is, this is all about people telling other people things they need to hear, but don't wanna hear. You know, this is about people asking questions and then not liking the answers. And I think Drusilla is telling Spike the truth here, which is... [...] Drusilla has supernatural, like, mind-reading abilities, but she doesn't need them to know that Spike is obsessed with the Slayer. And he doesn't know or admit to himself that he's obsessed with the Slayer. -- Douglas Petrie ("Fool for Love" Commentary)

And then this is something nice and... unexpected. I'll just let the scene play out because the actors do so well here, and it's just kind of a nice moment where... you know, you kinda worry "would it be anti-climatic?" but it really isn't. You know, what's gonna happen between these two? It's been building - is it gonna be violence or is it gonna be sex? 'Cause those are the only things it could be, sex or violence, 'cause those are the two things that have been building, and then... you know, here comes the giant curve. [Spike: ...Is there something I can do?"] I love that she doesn't know what to do with it, and he doesn't know what to do with it, and... [Spike pats her back] I just love that. And she decides to let him try to comfort her. This is just a beautiful shot of these two. Not knowing where they are or what to do with themselves. -- Douglas Petrie ("Fool for Love" Commentary)

You can't really say enough about the chemistry between James Masters and Sarah Michelle Gellar, because it's just awesome. They had a lot to do with that episode ["Fool for Love"] and James really is so good at being this thing on the side of Buffy's life. To put him front and centre and to watch him take the ball and run with it like that was probably one of the greatest things I've ever been associated with in my career. James was just amazing in that episode. -- Douglas Petrie (BBC)

Spike is such a sexy character, and he's such a bad boy, and there's always been some sexual chemistry between those two characters. -- Douglas Petrie (Season 6 Overview)


A coming-of-age allegory where high school really was Hell, where the wrong decision truly could herald the end of the world, where adolescent anxieties took on demonic form, and where even after graduation, a truly explosive event, the life lessons, and the after-life lessons, just kept coming, with all of the pain and joy and sex and friendship and betrayal and sex and consequences and death and sex that all of that implies. Yes, Buffy was a very hot show. And yes, it was good for me. In fact, the new issue of TV Guide just out ranks the scene of Buffy and Spike bringing down the house when they did the hot nasty as... (cheers from the audience) ...yeah. The number one hottest scene ever. Yep. Even outranked The Thorn Birds. I mean, really, come on. -- Matt Roush (PaleyFest, 3-08)

Best romantic hero? Spike. Best character of all time ever-ever-ever? Spike. (Yes, you in the back, I hear you shouting "Angel," but I’m ignoring you. Because you seem like a nice person, and I don't want to shout at you. HOW COULD ONE HUMAN BEING BE SO WRONG?!??)
What's brilliant about Spike - and later Spike and Buffy together - is how deeply we get to know them. Not just at a skin level; at a soul level. Spike and Buffy talk about everything.
It always bothers me in love stories when characters fall in love for completely surface reasons. ("My dog loves him!") I want to see characters tear each other open too see if their hearts beat in time. I want to see them together. That's the voyeuristic thrill of loving love stories. Seeing them find each other, learn each other, sleep together, wake up together, patrol the cemetery at night, side by side.
Buffy and Angel loved each other from afar; they whimpered in each other's general direction. But Buffy and Spike happened onscreen. Team Spike 4EVA. -- Rainbow Rowell ("Author Rainbow Rowell on the Most Satisfying Love Stories Ever," 03-13)


People went crazy when we put them together, and they went crazier when we took them apart. -- David Solomon (Season 6 Overview)

David Solomon: (on the "Lessons" Spike/Buffy scene) We're shooting this whole scene, and it's very emotional, and they're really working their - really working hard at it...
Joss Whedon: Yeah. And they're both wonderful. ("Lessons" Commentary)

I was told in our Buffy pre-season talks that Spike and Buffy would have a connection in Season 7, so I had tailored Spike's theme with an eye toward it being played as a love theme eventually. On Angel I finally had my chance. -- Douglas Romayne Stevens

Her relationship with Spike was fantastic because there was an ambiguity there, we don't really know what we're rooting for. She doesn't know what she wants out of it. She feels like she's using him for sex. It was a very grown up relationship and that matched her arc at that point in the show. -- Danny Strong (Chosen DVD Collection Bonus Disk)

Spike has earned Buffy's love in ways Angel couldn't contemplate. -- Hercules T. Strong, Ain't It Cool News Writer


Matt Roush: (to Sarah) Asked all the time. Final analysis, final verdict: Angel or Spike?
Michelle Trachtenberg: Well, who's sitting on stage? (nods towards James) (PaleyFest, 3-08)

TV's Favorite Couples:
#3. Buffy and Spike.
"Buffy and Spike were my favourite couple. Spike was hilarious. What girl doesn't want to be with a guy who has the best lines?" -- Canadian TV Guide (3-04)

TV's 10 Hottest Scenes Ever:
#1. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Spike (James Marsters) beat the hell out of each other before doing the deed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (2001) -- TV Guide ("TV's Hottest Scenes Ever", 3-08)


Think about some of the great TV couples from series past. I don't even have to name the shows for most people to know who I'm talking about. Sam & Diane, Mulder & Scully, Ross & Rachel, Carrie & Big, Buffy & Spike... I could go on and on. What qualifies these couples as "will-they-won't-they" is the build up. Plenty of shows include couples. Both dramas and comedies often involve romantic relationships but it's the shows that engage viewers by making us want to see those two people finally get together that I am referring to. -- Kelly West, Cinema Blend ("The Clicker Examines Great TV Romances", 11-05)

The other scenario is when the two characters are so different and often do not get along with one another. They fight and argue constantly but then one thing or a series of "things" happen and they are forced to put up with each other. Eventually the sexual tension builds up so much that they have to either kill each other or sleep with each other. A good example of this is Spike and Buffy in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. From the beginning the sexual tension seemed almost unintentional but fantastic nonetheless. The build up went on for seasons and only when Buffy was at her emotional lowest, did she finally give in. While it was evident that she wasn't proud of her behavior with Spike, the passion between the two was delicious. Their first kiss was only matched by their first romp-session (which literally brought down the house). -- Kelly West, Cinema Blend ("The Clicker Examines Great TV Romances", 11-05)

In Season 4, we brought him in, but he was sort of the wacky neighbour - "can I borrow a cup of sugar and insult you?" We were sort of feeling our way 'round, what to do with him. Until I realized he was madly in love with Buffy and always had been. The process by which we sort of got to take him to that realization was very fun, because at first "Oh, it's just lust. I'm a bad guy, so it must be lust", and then him actually figuring out it was true love. And in "Family", there's this tiny beat of "Ohhh, I want her dead! ...I have to save her!", which is totally different than, you know, "Oh, she's a hottie". It's him trying to be the hero, and of course, because he's invisible to her, she never figures out that he actually saved her. It was yet another increment of "this is more than just an infatuation with an archenemy". -- Joss Whedon (Season 4 DVD Commentary)

She really turns him on. -- Joss Whedon (Season 4 DVD Commentary)

And at what point did you decide to have Spike fall in love with Buffy?
That was towards the end of his first season, where he had come on and really didn't have that much to do, he'd show up and go (Spinal Tap voice) "I hate the Scooby gang. 'bye!", he was sort of the wacky neighbour, and we thought, "Well, there's more there; how do we find it?" And it was like one of those things that just hits you on the head like a baseball bat, because it made such perfect sense for him to fall in love with Buffy because he wants to get his ass kicked and she's the person who always does that. And their relationship was so intense and so filled with the hate that it was as though we had been writing towards it anyway. And when I told James, he was like, "I wanted to pitch that but I thought that would be presumptuous of me," and I was like, "Well, don't worry, 'cause we're gonna go there the full nine yards." It seemed so obvious when I thought of it that I was like, "Why didn't I think of it before?", but I just have to wait for it to come. -- Joss Whedon (Nocturnal Q&A, 6-01)

This is kind of a sensitive interlude in our little rock tune. It came from the line that's coming up, "If my heart could beat it would break my chest". That's the first line I thought of for James, and it was in a different song, but... it moved me too much not to use it. -- Joss Whedon ("Once More, With Feeling" Commentary)

Spike's complete reversal from "I hate her" - "I love her" is really fun. -- Joss Whedon ("Once More, With Feeling" Commentary)

CGI smoke, and then the real deal, and then... Spike, bringing her the rest of the message. And I knew where I was going with this episode. And the two things that needed to happen for them to get where they were gonna go, at the end were: one, for Spike to say "go away", for him to tell her once and for all "just leave me alone", because nothing attracts somebody more than telling them to go away. Believe me, as a fellah who's had many restraining orders in his time... what a turn-on. But you know, the moment you say to someone "you know what, I'm my own person, I don't need you, you know I love you, but I don't want you near me" is the moment they start to take you seriously, and that's just the truth of it. And then, that he would save her. That he would be the person who would bring her the message of hope, even though it's the classic in my stuff, really desolate, almost pathetic hope. Still, those were the two things that would get them to the smoochy place and where they will inevitably end up. Because this is a musical, and if it doesn't end with a kiss, I'm doing something wrong. -- Joss Whedon ("Once More, With Feeling" Commentary)

Knowing that Spike was gonna fall in love with Buffy in Season 5 - or of sort of realizing that he had been in love with her - was a great motivating force that made him more than just the wacky vampire neighbour. -- Joss Whedon (Season 6 Overview)

Speaking of crossovers, any hope for Buffy and Angel diehards?
What I always say is: Guys, they're on two different networks. There's no way. Buffy and Angel physically could not exist. If they were on the same network, we would have done the Buffy-Spike thing anyway. But we probably would have had a crossover moment when they would go, "You're sleeping with whom?!" It became difficult in the third year to truly bring change to Buffy and Angel. People want to watch change. Growth. They want climax. -- Joss Whedon (E!Online, 5-02)

"This is not a fan convention," says Claire Thomson, one of the conference organizers, who had expected to receive about 10 papers from graduate students in the United Kingdom but got more than 100 proposals from as far away as Australia. "People take it incredibly seriously."
Considering another lecture that [Joss] Whedon fixates on, we believe her. Titled "The Spike/Buffy Relationship: Law, Morals, Rape and S&M; or You Always Hurt the One You Love," the session promises legal, social and feminist interpretations of Buffy and Spike's infamous Season 6 bathroom scene. "I wish I could be there hearing the live debate," says Whedon. With his Buffy, Angel and Firefly shooting schedule, he'll have to borrow someone's notes. (TV Guide, 10-02)

We had a few things in mind with Season 7. One, everybody was tired of being depressed, including us. Two, this was the last season. Three, let's get back to where we started. Let's go back to the beginning. Not the word, not the bang, the real beginning. And the real beginning was girl power. The real beginning is, what does it mean to be a Slayer? And, not to feel guilty about the power, but having seen the dark side of it, and finding the light again. To explore the idea of the Slayer fully and to see a very grown up and romantic and confusing relationship that isn't about power, but actually genuinely beautiful between two people in the form of Buffy and Spike. -- Joss Whedon

Whedon stated that "in time what went on with Spike and Buffy was very textured and complicated". The relationship, as it evolved in Season 7, "has a romantic/sexual angle but not a physical one". -- Joss Whedon (San Diego, 2003)

TV's like whitewater rafting: Without rocks, there wouldn't be rapids, and it wouldn't be as much fun. ... [Rolling with it] gave us Spike falling in love with Buffy. ... You plan your ideas and themes, and then you let the rest form naturally, and then it feels real. It doesn't feel like you're imposing something on everybody. -- Joss Whedon (The Salon, 5-03)

At long last, Angel is returning to the show. How does that affect Buffy's ongoing love-hate relationship with Spike?
I wanted to make definite statements about both relationships but I had to do it in the same episode. It was weird. I had a lot of structural juggling to do to figure out how to make sense of the two most important men in Buffy's life showing up at once. -- Joss Whedon (Entertainment Weekly, 5-03)

And this was the trick: how to get her in the sack with Spike half an act after Angel had left. But, you know, the experience... you know, I've said this probably a hundred times, probably all of them on the audio commentaries to these damn episodes, the trick is always to make the audience go through exactly what she's going through. It's confusing to us, emotionally, that we should bounce from one to the other, and it's confusing to her. But... Spike is the person in her life right now. -- Joss Whedon ("Chosen" Commentary)

The great Marsters with a chemistry with Buffy that is just completely different from Angel's, and different than David's, and yet works very, very well. He's more on Buffy's level. He's more... Their vulnerabilities come out, and I don't just mean as characters, but as actors around each other. And that really works, it works on a very different level. Their relationship has clearly been through a lot - much more, in fact, than her relationship with Angel, in a way. And you feel that history with these two, and they bring it to the set every time they come to work and that's why we still came to work, because they did. -- Joss Whedon ("Chosen" Commentary)

This bit here I did actually add on set, not just the picture of Butthead on the punching bag, but this, where I said I wanted to get a couple of shots - we were going fast - and that one I didn't know if I was going to use, the two of them, and to me, it's almost the most important shot in the show, because it really shows, you know, the mystery of their relationship. And that's one where I wanted the audience to fill in the blanks. I wanted them... I wanted whatever you want to have happened to have happened. If people believe that on their last night together they made love, great. If they believe that on their last night together they talked all night, great. If they believe that they had a fight, great. Whatever it is, it's up to the viewer and I think the viewer has earned that, and I love that elliptical nature of their last night together. I think there should be work for the viewer to do in that sense, emotionally, because I think that makes it more textured, and that shot of the two of them looking at each other I just find beautiful. -- Joss Whedon ("Chosen" Commentary)

I thought this was a sort of romantic image, the two of them. We actually did it with real fire, but their hands were all gelled up and you could tell, so this was added in CGI and it looks beautiful. I thought it was a nice comment on their relationship. But what I basically told [Sarah and James] was: "Play the romance. Be proud of him. Love him when you say you love him. Love her when you say she doesn't love you. Forget about the crumbling world. For that period of time, it doesn't exist." It's a cinematic trick, but it's a necessary emotional one. -- Joss Whedon ("Chosen" Commentary)

Buffy was in love with Spike the moment their hands clasped. -- Joss Whedon (San Diego Convention)

Will you pair him with a new special someone?
I'm still trying to figure out how to bring him back to life. I don't think he's the kind of guy that would be like, "Well, that was a fun time with Buffy..." I don't think he feels a sense of resolve or resolution about the relationship. I think he feels that he was ready to sacrifice himself for her, and it was a beautiful thing, but... it wasn't like he's cured of loving Buffy... -- Joss Whedon (TVGuide Online)

You could call this wank, but you could say the same about any retcon - like Spike loving Buffy from the start and not realizing it, which worked for me just great, especially 'cause it had the chaos demon standing around with his antlers dripping (good times, good times). -- Joss Whedon (Whedonesque, 1-07)

I won't be using the ancillary characters from Angel [in Season 8 of Buffy] unless I absolutely think that nobody else can fit this bill. Spike and Angel I will definitely use, but sparingly. But I would do that anyway. You don't want to use it up by having Spike standing around in the background of every frame. He means so much to Buffy, so did Angel, that you want to save them for the big hits. -- Joss Whedon (GeekMonthly, 2-07)

Do you get tired of fans demanding spoilers? All your online and in-person Q&As seem to revolve around people wanting to know how you're going to resolve this twist or that cliffhanger.
...I think the need has just gotten overwhelming. It's also just really tough now, because the questions aren't, "Is Spike going to get together with Buffy?" The questions are, "Are you ever going to do anything?" (laughs) I'm like, "I can't spoil that." -- Joss Whedon (The A.V. Club, 8-07)

And... how should we watch "Dollhouse"?
I'm sorry! Totally buried my lead there. Any way you like, sweetheart. All right, DVR. I'm sorry. (goes into FAQ response mode) DVR. River. [Buffy] really loves Spike. -- Joss Whedon (Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism, 4-09)

Joss, I want to wrap our Buffy talk with what will hopefully give fans one more spoiler as far as the future of the series. After we'd mentioned we'd be talking to you, a reader named Remmy wrote in saying that, of all the characters in the Buffyverse, Spike was his favorite, and he wondered if, with Angel back in play in "Season 8", could something for Spike be too far off?
You know, like Angel, he's somebody we wanted to keep our mitts off of for a while. And, like Angel, he's incredibly important to Buffy. So do I have plans for Spike? I don't think anybody's going to gasp in horror when I say, "Yes." -- Joss Whedon (Comic Book Resources, 1-10)

He's gonna be a real factor in Buffy's life. You gotta put those two in a room, it's just too much fun. Can't say which room, but... -- Joss Whedon (SDCC, 7-11)

I think that the most exciting thing [about Season 9] isn't so much bringing in new people or dredging up old villains. It's the relationships that we haven't seen for a while. Buffy and Spike are gonna be spending a lot of time together and that’s just gold. They’re so much fun, those two. -- Joss Whedon (FearNet @ SDCC, 7-11)

Who did you like together with Buffy the most: Angel, Riley, or Spike?
You know what, I liked Spike. With Angel it’s too “Romeo and Juliet”. Which means, as soon as it happens you’re bored. Riley, you know he was a well-adjusted person who loved her in a much, much healthier way than the other two guys. Nobody wants to see that. With Buffy and Spike, they had a real Beatrice and Benedick kind of relationship, in “Much Ado About Nothing”. I think with the wedding, she would have tried to do something fast, but he would have made it elaborate and done everything wrong. It would have been extraordinarily counter-intuitive, and awesome! -- Joss Whedon (A, 3-12)

Lastly, because I've seen a lot of people arguing about this online: Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Angel?
I’m a Buffy/Spike shipper. I always felt like he was a more evolved person, but that’s like saying Juliet’s going to be so happy with Benvolio and everyone will love it. Buffy/Angel is for the ages; Buffy/Spike is maybe for me. -- Joss Whedon (UK Complex, 10-16)


There are still people out there who will refuse to believe that a show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," created and written by a guy named Joss Whedon, could possibly deal with anything remotely sophisticated, let alone some of the darkest, most deeply recessed sexual fears and longings of the soul. But the past two episodes of the show ["Smashed" and "Wrecked"] have been more sexually frank (without being particularly explicit), and more downright exhilarating, than anything I've seen on television in recent years - perhaps ever. In fact, it's rare to see sex dealt with so bracingly even at the movies. With the exception of David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive", I can't think of a recent movie that dealt with the emotional risks and dangers of sex in such a startling and affecting way. -- Stephanie Zacharek, The Salon ("Buffy's will-to-power", 11-01)

It's shocking but somehow not surprising when, after clocking Spike, Buffy suddenly lunges at him for a kiss. (Note that she's the one to make the first move.) And it's bone-rattlingly sensual the way she slams him against a wall and hikes herself up on him, not bothering to waste a minute with anything so dithery as foreplay. To paraphrase Paglia, now the feminine hurls itself at the masculine in an eternal circle of pursuit and flight. Why? Because it feels so damn good. And it never, ever lasts long enough. -- Stephanie Zacharek, The Salon ("Buffy's will-to-power", 11-01)

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From Scott Allie, there's also this one :

"Different people certainly have different ideas about the relationship between Buffy and Spike, but to me this thing about him being her dark place feels very consistent. That seems to be a very unchanging aspect of their relationship. She could share things with him that she couldn't share with anybody else in part because she knew she wouldn't be judged. And it's not just that he's "the bad boy." There's a real level of understanding between the two of them."~ Scott Allie (Oct. 2010)

From this interview : http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=28834
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beautiful post! are a Spuffy and read these things makes me happy! thanks from Italy!
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Miss Kittymisskittydu34 on November 4th, 2014 12:02 am (UTC)
Hey! Have you seen this video of James? It's from the Chicago Wizard 2014 :


He talks about Spuffy and talks about season 10 (huge spoilers), I thought you might want to add it :-)